Domenico Fiasella , known as “the Sarzana” was trained to the painting by his father, since he was young and started his artistic life at the age of 16 with G. B. Paggi. Later on, he moved to Rome where he proved his style influences received by painters from Bologna and by naturalistic components. In 1616 he went back to Genoa and started his activity: he decorates the Lomellini Palace, lives in a big house with an attached shop in Via Luccoli, where he fulfils many ecclesiastical and aristocratic works requests with his employees. He became then the official painter of the Republic of Genoa. As a matter of fact, the State iconography of the Madonna “Queen of Genoa” dated 1637, belongs to the Fiasella. The portrait “Sant’Antonio Abate contemplating the death of St. Paul the Hermit” in the Voltaggio Art Gallery, is evidence of his great and full creativity (second half of the 1620).