luca cambiaso

Also known as “Luchetto da Genova”, he was a painter and a sculptor. He can be considered the creator of the mural decoration in Genoa during the sixteenth Century, thanks to a strong collaboration with GB Castello, known as the Bergamasco. His innumerable works as a painter can be found in the different churches of Genoa, such as S. Lorenzo, St. Bartholomew of the Armenians, San Francesco di Paola, in the Grimaldi Palace (the Meridiana), Lercari Doria (Garibalbi street), and in the Villa Imperiale, where we find his masterpiece: “The Rape of the Sabine”. He was conspicuous for his square-shape drawing ability but in the Cathedral of Genoa we can admire the Cambiaso as a sculptor with the statue of Prudence. In 1583 he accepted to move to Spain near King Philip II Court to decorate the “El Escorial”. In the Art Gallery we have a “Deposition” and “St. Jerome”.